Sunday, 6 August 2006

Mousetrap - 65

Your Space
I don’t actually know of anyone with a MySpace page, but on the grounds that it takes all kinds, some of whom might read this paper, here we go. Here, you get to you pick options right there on the page, which make changes in a CSS script which controls the look of a sample MySpace page (also visible on the page). Play around, get precisely what you want, then copy the CSS into your MySpace account and be the envy of all your Extended Network. [Link courtesy a reader who identifies her/himself only as “skillfull.”]

Sanctioned Vandalism
Is there a site you love to hate? A blog you want nasty things to happen to? Perhaps *gasp* some poor columnist whose archives you’d like to tear into? If you’re a hacker, you’d know how to do damage for real, but then you wouldn’t be reading this. For the rest of you peaceable, law-abiding citizens, there is, at least, some psychological satisfaction to be had. Just enter the site address, pick a method of damage (choose from a long list that includes acts of nature, technology, even a range of, um, bodily excretions) and sit back and gloat. Yup, this column’s URL is below. Be my guest. [Link courtesy “wisedonkey.”]

Master of Illusion
The Official M.C. Escher Website
Maurits Cornelis Escher is one of the most famous graphic artists ever, with a cult following around the globe. You may not have known his name, but chances are you’ve seen some of his work (or derivatives of it) in countless email forwards, usually with subject lines like “amazing illusions.” While he is admittedly best known for works like “Ascending and Descending,” there was far more to him, which you can find out about here. And, whoopdidoo, there are six picture galleries covering the body of his work from his early years until his death in 1972.

This week’s blog

In your face
The work of a young Pune cartoonist, the site promises fresh takes every week on Indian life, politics, and the usual mix. I like the art—it has a fresh, vibrant feel, and a charming identity—but find the humour a tad forced now and then. But the blog is just over a month old, and I’m guessing it will be worth following as he hones his style and finds his voice. Unless, of course, he gets picked up by a publication soon. [Link courtesy Sonia Menezes.]

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Published in the Times of India, Mumbai edition, 6th August, 2006.

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