Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Cybertrack - 12


All airline seats are not created equal. So if you need to get up to use the toilet frequently, but still like a window seat, but, nevertheless, would rather not have the other passengers in your row swearing at you, a bulkhead seat is a good idea. Maybe you’re taller than average and need a little more leg room? The seat near the emergency exit is to die for. Perhaps you’d rather not be near the loos because of that chap from the second sentence who keeps whizzing by. Or... Well, you get the picture—it pays to be able to choose your seat. Seatguru lets you do a little advance planning. Choose airline (only some international carriers listed, I’m afraid, and no hamara Air India), pick out aircraft type, and bingo, colour-coded seat plan, location of toilets, galley, exits, even which seats have power points for your electric gizmos. Extras: list of amenities on that plane type, with explanations. Also available, that airline’s policies on stuff like check-in luggage, hand baggage, kids, pets and so on. Oh, if you’re travelling a budget airline? The kind with—gasp—free seating? Use this site as a crib sheet for which seat to sprint for.

Published in the Outlook Traveller, August 2006 edition.

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