Sunday, 5 March 2006

Mousetrap - 43

Look, you’re on TV!
Google Video isn’t available in this country – why, one has no clue. The good news? On YouTube, you can, upload, tag and share your videos. And, natch, you get to view video uploaded by other members. Which, is, I’ll admit, a mixed blessing. The price is right – free – and it’s a good place to find the latest buzz videos. Some of it is bootleg, which adds to the fun, because those soon get yanked. You’d better have broadband access, of course.

Lala Raja Deen Dayal
We’re a bit late to pay respects on the centenary of his death (he passed on in 1905), but it’s never too late to discover this pioneering photographer’s work. There are lots of facts about his life and times, and of course, lots of reproductions of his pictures for your viewing pleasure. A fascinating view of India in the times of the Raj, replete with Maharajahs and sahibs, shikars and palaces, all spring to life before your eyes. The site design is a bit of a disaster, but the quality of the content more than compensates.

Breathalyser! Zapotecs! Bashi-bazouks!
David's Favourite Captain Haddock Curses
This page, says it’s author, “has received a fair bit of e-mail over the years (most of it, strangely enough, from India. For some reason Indians just love Tintin and Captain Haddock).” So, Gentle Reader, chances are you like that crusty old dipsomaniac too. In which case you’ll go all misty-eyed as you declaim to yourself, “Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles.” (Oh yes, if you’d like to see the vituperative Captain’s outpourings in their original French, go here. And also see the official Tintin site)


This week’s blog

Bird Fever
Avian Flu Help (H5N1)
Should have written about this ages ago. A project by my friends in the World Wide Help Group, it brings together reports and news about the potential pandemic, from the media, specialist sites and NGOs. Hopefully, it won’t be needed much! Do also see the resource list, which points to several other informative sites. And check out the Flu Wiki (nope, not a WWH project, but one which is getting a fair deal of media attention in the West).

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Published in the Times of India, Mumbai edition, 5th March, 2006.

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