Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Cybertrack - 7

This site excludes men. So run along there, sonny. Right ladies, where were we? This site targets the woman travelling if not alone, then definitely not with men. And wanting to find out the stuff reliable sources tell me women want to know: hair stylists, where to get bargains on clothes and suchlike. No, wait, I kid. The idea here is you sign up, and get to link up with women around the world who have registered with the site. You type in city name, and the site has someone listed from that destination (over 10,000 contacts in 36 countries so far, they promise) you get a couple of contacts who you can then ask for the information you need, like culturally appropriate clothing, woman-friendly lodging and whatever other mysterious stuff it is that men will just not get. And no, email addresses are not displayed - communication happens via web form on the site, and neither address is revealed. It’s up to you and the person on the other end to decide whether you’d like to exchange addresses. There is a prominent promise on the home page to never sell email addresses or use them for any other purpose except linking you up with other sisters who are doing it for themselves. The site also other interesting features – a city spotlight section, travel tips contributed by members, and yes, classifieds. How do I know how effective this is? Well, I don’t, I must confess. Mum done brought up right, she did. Never been in the Ladies Room, honest! Well, okay, yeah, there was this once, but it was to minister to a girl who had fainted. No, really.

Published in the March 2006 edition of Outlook Traveller, in a column called Cybertrack

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