Friday, 1 February 2008

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travel bookmarking

‘Social bookmarking’ isn’t new. When you share a cool link with friends, that’s what you’re doing. Sites like make it ludicrously easy to do, giving you the added bonus of saving ’em online. (Psst, if you’re on and know of sites you think we should cover, tag them ‘for:zigzackly’) This site goes further. For one, as it’s name indicates, the focus is travel. Secondly, it lets you write your own notes, or import content from free sites like World66 and WikiTravel (which we have covered in this space), or its parent site, So Much World, to make your own custom travel guides. You can share your guides with your pals, and, naturally, go check out guides created by other members. You’ll find this site more useful if you’re travelling abroad—in the west; basically, and more specifically, the USA— than you would if you tried to check out India, which has negligible mention as of this writing. You have some spammers there too, which is worrying, because it makes it more difficult to find good stuff. The wisdom of crowds helps: search for ‘popular’ links. And you can change things yourself; that’s the point. So go sign up and mark out good stuff, hmm? Make sure to mark, and maybe the Ed will give me a bigger cheque. Hah.

Published in Outlook Traveller, January 2008.

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