Monday, 10 September 2007

Vicious Circle

In the building where I once lived in the quieter, older, mainly residential part of Vashi, there was a bar that had, ahem, waitresses. It meant that there were always autorickshaws available near my house late in the night, and frequent entertaining vocabulary enhancement when the ladies had disagreements behind the joint. The place went through several changes of management and name—the basic service offering staying constant—until, just before we moved, the place got respectable. It still served booze, but the ladies were replaced with surly lads, families were welcome (the new owner invited the entire colony over for a meal when it opened) and it kept legal closing hours.
Some months ago, in synch with the property boom in Concreteville-by-the-creek, the place reinvented itself once more. Now called Vicious Circle, the place looks like a haven for the moderately well-heeled BPO exec: all glass, gleam and, well, decor. But. A large TV screen occupies one wall, making conversation a little difficult. The seating looks good, but is made uncomfortable by the way the table are jammed together; you’re constantly treading on the toes of your dinner partner.
Reading the long menu (the usual personality-challenged multi-cuisine mix) was thirsty work; we needed a beer to keep us going. Sneering at the papad and slices of cucumber and carrot that came with the drinks, we selected the Mutton Boti Kabab (Rs 170) for a starter. Pretty good, juicy boneless botis and a layer of kheema, mildy spiced; but it could do without the wilting bits of veggie garnish.
Next, slaves to duty, we sampled briefly from the cocktail menu. My friend’s Rain Killer (dark rum, white rum, OJ and honey, Rs 120) surprised me by being rather good; I hate rum, usually. But we both agreed that my Scotch Sour (scotch, fresh lime, sugar syrup and egg white) was even better, with more mule ancestry too, though I didn’t like the sticky after-taste of the egg-white froth. One must note here that while the service is attentive and prompt, our waiter kept rearranging things unasked. When he moved my glass for the second time, after I had moved it back where I wanted it with a very ostentatious thump, he lost two-thirds of his tip.
The Paya Soup (Rs 70) came in, and was pronounced genuine by my friend, a Sarvi connoisseur. I skipped that to save room for dessert. Our Mutton Vindaloo (Rs 160) was quite palatable, but didn’t taste at all like a vindaloo should; they seem to have forgotten the vinegar. My Rumali Roti (Rs 25) worked better with the mutton curry—that’s really what it was—than my companion’s rather injudicious Cheese Naan (Rs 40), which was a respectable snack on its own.
The desserts section on the menu was the slimmest, and rather uninviting. I plumped for the Doodhi Halwa (Rs 55), and regretted it: oily, rather tasteless.
Burping genteelly, we exited into the night, the last customers out. There were no rickshaws. The ladies must be giggling.
Peter Griffin
Vicious Circle, Shop 1 &2, F-Type, Sector 7, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. (2782-7272). Meal for two without alcohol, Rs 600. All credit cards accepted, except Diners. No debit cards.

Published in Time Out Mumbai, September 2007.


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karan mathur said...

Guys and Girls!!.... how so ever the food might taste wont be able to spare the PATHETIC Service i got today from the Manager Mr.Prakash.... there was a group of 30 odd people in the restaurant itself making a HELL lot of noice that not even a single person over there would have beared the brunt - most of them left with just starters ( eg : the family seated the closest to us left with just starters and that too unfinished ) - we were a group of 4 and we also left most of our Main course meal unfinished and at the mercy of the manager. The staff, though helpfull wasnt able to do much about it.
It was Pathetic to know that they wer'nt able to make an effort also to reduce the voice atleast to a certain extent that other people can have there food normally.
i still cant believe that HOW can 30 odd people make that tiny miny restaurant their conference room and diuscuss office and business...
One women out of that 30 gave a 5 minutes speech ( " we wont accept something something " - one of her line ) ... audible to even the bartenders at a distance..
One guy out of those 30 was reading out a pledge so that everybody can hear it out aloud....
PATHETIC Experience .... 11th Jan'12 - 10 pm
Thank gwadd!!... me and my friends have decided not to revisit this place again which does not cares about its custoimers...forget about even thinking about their expectations....