Thursday, 23 June 2005

Mousetrap - 8

It gnows what you like.
Gnod - The global network of dreams
An experimental project, Gnod is a “self-adapting system, living on this server and ‘talking’ to everyone who comes along.” Here’s the way it works. Type in the name of an author (on, and in a whirling matrix - you’ll have to wait a few seconds for it to settle down - it gives you other authors you might like. Likewise with movies. For music, the site first asks you to name favourite artistes, and then makes recommendations based on your choices. A related site that I didn’t find a link to on these sites (and in fact the way I found them - Thanks Nilanjana S Roy) is, which does the same whirlpool act with musicians, bands and singers.

The world wild web
A “journey through the Internet into Wild India.” The site aims to become a portal of sorts for people interested in wildlife and adventure in India. It features contributed articles, special features, photography, a message board of sorts, tips on itineraries, resort reviews and an index to the National Parks. The flip side is that the site design is hard on the eyes, the navigation a bit clumsy, and worst of all, it doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2003 (except for the message board, an offsite utility, which does have recent questions and answers. Go visit, and tell them to update!

Moustache Database
Ever wondered how many kinds of moustaches exist there can be? This database seems to have all the answers. you can look up moustaches through history, on the upper lips of celebs and stars (nope, no Aamir Khan), and a few interesting ’tache tales. You might also want to check out the World Beard and Moustache Association, and the truly magnicient foliage at World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Comic relief
Raj Comics
Quite a favourite of mine for ages, this site features gushing introductions in bad English to the group’s stable of comic book characters, including a range of rather unusual superheroes, and some truly awful site design. So bad its good. Please go see. And meet Anthony (“the clouds thunder lightening flashes and dead man Anthony brakes out of his grave like a submarine fired a missile emerges out of the sea”), Super Commando Dhruva, the Master Out Witter whose “most potent weapon is his super fast track mind which helps him outdo and outwit any enemy in crunch situations.” and the rather hot Shakti (who changes into the mild-mannered, but also bootylicious Chanda.

I say, what.
The Chap
The Chap is British, obviously, and the online presence of a magazine by the same name. It deplores, with great style - and humour - the degeneration of standards in the UK, the vanishing of tweeds, the absence of moustaches and pipes and style in general. The site features selections from the magazine, a few other articles (see the bit on The Chap Olympics) plus an advice column, and a forum, free to join (, that is thoughtfully designed to look like a Microsoft Help menu, “so you can spend even less time working and even more time conversing with your virtual chums.” Right then. Pip pip for now.

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Published in the Times of India, Mumbai edition, 24th June 2005.


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Loved The Chap. Have been a Chappette for years without realizing it :D